Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floor And Carpet

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Electrolux is well known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors and is considered a leading brand. What makes Electrolux such a trustworthy leading brand is the fact that their vacuum cleaners repeatedly get excellent reviews. The Electrolux Harmony has been one of their most popular canister vacuums which features brilliant filtration, incredibly quiet vacuuming and more importantly, excellent cleaning results.

It is one of their bestselling vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor and this is partly to do with it's positive reviews since it's release. Its surprisingly quiet operation is down to its unique air system and insulated motor. These particularly beneficial advantages over normal vacuums which can be very noisy. When shopping for vacuum cleaners, many people prefer one that doesn't create a lot of noise. Having a quiet appliance allows you to hoover at anytime without disturbing the neighbors or waking up family members early in the morning.

For many, the HEPA filter that's fitted onto the Electrolux Harmony is a wonderful feature. Because of this feature, the hoover can capture almost 99% of all the airborne allergens, dust and particles. For asthma and allergy sufferers, this is a welcome capability to help ease their symptoms. Electrolux arguably produce some of the best vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

The Harmony vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor is also particularly good at removing pet hair. Although good on relatively smooth surfaces, this cleaner does not do a great job on thick and heavy carpets.

You will find in addition, various little add-ons with this hardwood floor vacuum cleaner to help you with all kinds of cleaning. Suction power can be modified with this hoover to deal with any kind of cleaning job light or heavy. Storing this appliance is easy as it doesn't take much room at all.

Quite surprisingly, even for a vacuum of this quality, you're looking at paying under three hundred dollars for a brand new one. Sure, it's easy to find hundreds of other vacuums for less but they will be far from being as good as this one. Spending more on a good vacuum cleaner is worth the extra investment since you will get one that does more and makes vacuuming a breeze.
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Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floor And Carpet

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This article was published on 2010/12/25