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Eureka Forbes has been serving the Indian markets since 1992 by offering their technology for cleaner environment and drinking water. Even after two decades now, the company still remains the best friend in households and an undisputed leader in domestic and industrial water purification system, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and security solutions. The company strives to provide the best after sales service through its 4500 strong force of company trained technicians who visit more than 20,000 kitchens daily and more than 1500 service centres.

The Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners are broadly classified into:

Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners: The Euroclean range comprises of 7 different models to choose from each with distinct design and features:

-EuroClean Wet & Dry: With deep cleaning+ technology, it instantly cleans the floor, carpets, cupboard tops and other areas, and even wet spills from floors, sinks, drains etc. Price: Rs. 9,990

-EuroClean Power wash: It is not the conventional vacuum cleaner, it shoots water at 50 times the ordinary hosepipe for an effective and quick cleaning. It can be used to power wash walls, car, motor bike, window mesh, grills and more.
Price: Rs. 8,990

-SPAkle: This special sort of Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner uses the power of steam, a combination of air, water and fire to provide you with effortless cleaning that is eco-friendly and leaves your house allergy free, clean and spa fresh.
Price: Rs. 24,500

-Euroclean Robocleanz: Indias first automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans your house without you having spent time on it.
Price: Rs. 6,990

-Euroclean ACE: With deep cleaning + technology, this Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner sucks the toughest dirt fraught with asthma and allergy causing dust mites.
Price: Rs. 7,990

-EuroClean Bravo: It is compact and most suitable for big cleaning experience.
Price: Rs. 3,990

-EuroClean XForce: It is a new age vacuum cleaner that is powerful and stylishly designed.
Price: Rs. 7,790

Forbes Vacuum Cleaners: This range comprises of following five assorted models:

-Trendy Wet & Dry: Its powerful motor ensures that the dust in your house is taken care of.
Price: Rs. 7,990

-Trendy Xeon: The 1300W power plus motor delivers steady power.
Price: Rs. 6,690

-Trendy Steel: Driven by power plus motor, this Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner provides up to 3 hours of nonstop cleaning.
Price: Rs. 5,990

-Trendy Nano: One of the most economical Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaners, this mini cleaner must not be underestimated that comes with a powerful performance driven by 1000W power plus motor.
Price: Rs. 2,690

-Easy Clean: The cheapest of all Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaner is handy, ideal for daily use and even consumes less power.
Price: Rs.2,195
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Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

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This article was published on 2011/03/24